About Founder Bento Sao Jose

Bento had been managing over 60 Years in Car Repairs Business in Toronto!

Bento passed away in 2023. See Bento's personal portrait photo, taken at the time when he started this business.

During seasonal promotional events at Bento's Car Service Centre, you can buy seasonal car accessories at a discount.
See the second and the third photo from such event on the above slide.

Car owners can buy seasonal car accessories and at a discount during spring and fall annual promotional events at Bento's car repairs centre.

During the Fall sales time event, it is an excellent time to kick the latest winter tires and find the most suitable for your car needs. Bento's qualified technicians will offer their assistance.

Wipers; you need heavy duty wipers to handle our snow. Do not wait, until it is too late.

Windshield washer fluid; At Bento's it is an opportunity to stock up.

Car batteries: Most car owners get their Fall morning surprise when one day they can't start their car. Your battery might be useful for warm days, but a sudden drop in the morning temperature will kill your car battery.

Legacy Page About Founder of Bento's Auto & Tire Centre Ltd.

Canada's automotive aftermarket industry is predominantly composed of small and medium-sized businesses (SME's) and is currently valued at 15.6 billion dollars annually. They provide Canada's 21 million motorists with real choice, and they offer more than 220,000 people with employment that is well distributed across urban and rural environments throughout the country. SME entrepreneurs form the backbone of Canada's independent and multi-brand repair market and help to keep jobs in Canada, in contrast to the recent trend of outsourcing in global vehicle manufacturing.

Bento's Auto& Tire Centre Ltd., has been one of the traditional independent automotive repair centers in Toronto. Bento alone has been in-car repairs business in Toronto in various locations for over 60 years.

Bento's Tours Inc., O/A Bento's Travel Services has also been operating from the same address and specializing in tours and travel to Portugal.

The founder and the owner Bento De Sao Jose with his roots in Portugal, has been an entrepreneur in Canada and always strongly politically and socially engaged in the community!

Bento initiated customer's petition to their MPs and the Prime Minister of that time to ensure carmakers allow independent shops to have access to the information, training, and tools they need to fix today's sophisticated cars.

Many car drivers are benefiting today by being able to drive their sophisticated vehicles for services to independent service centers.

Bento had been a pioneer on the Net in Toronto!

1) Bento's Car Service had pioneered an Internet presence among the car repairs and service shop in Toronto with his auto repairs website in the mid-nineties.

2) Bento's Car Service had pioneered the use of the .mobi website among the car repairs and service shops in Toronto. Bento realized a need for early users of iPhones and BlackBerries (leaders in the early days) to be able find during their emergencies auto service websites on the search engines that were dedicated for the display on the small screens. Bento's .mobi dedicated website is still online.

3) When the use of QR codes came on the market in Toronto, Bento's Car Service was right there incorporating its use. It provided a Smartphone with a quick link to the .mobi website.

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Bento De Sao Jose

Bento DE Sao Jose

Founder and Past Manager, Owner

In Toronto Car Repairs business over 55 years
Tony Assistant Manager


Assistant Manager

has been a long time Bento's employee helping the customers



Adrian Oproiu Mechanic

Adrian Oproiu


Adrian has been with Bento for more than 20 years. He is an automotive electrician

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Fazin is a Mechanic

Pedro Auto Mechanic


Pedro Auto Mechanic

Pedro likes to work on luxury cars
Manuel Auto Mechanic


Auto Mechanic

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