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11 Tips For Efficient and Safe Driving From Auto Doc Bento

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1) Is your vehicle in-tune? A poorly tuned engine can consume an average of 10% more fuel!

2) One equals 20. One poorly tuned vehicle can emit pollutants equivalent to 20 properly tuned cars.

3) Do not let your engine idle. Excessive idling pollutes. Turn off the engine whenever you can.

4) Low tires put pressure on fuel. Properly inflated tires improve fuel performance.

5) 90 Km is optimum driving speed. The best fuel economy for most vehicles is under 90 km/h.

6) Light is right. The heavier the car, the more fuel it burns.

7) Plan your trips. Save money by planning activities and combining errands to reduce the number of time you start your engine.

8) Share the ride.

9) Be aerodynamic. Reducing wind resistance on the highway cuts fuel consumption.

10) Choose gasoline with low sulphur content.

11) Familiar yourself with Dashboard Warning Lights and Follow Them!

The Red Light Requires an Immediate Action! Stop and Correct.

Amber color indicates a reminder to have your car services soon.

BatteryBattery Warning Indicator

Airback Indicator LightAirbag Indicator Light

Engine Temperature Warning LightEngine Temperature Warning Light

Oil Pressure Warning LightOil Pressure Warning Light

Seatbelt Reminder LightSeatbelt Reminder Light

Antilock Break Warning LightAntilock Break Warning Light

Engine Warning Light Engine Warning Light

Fog Light IndicatorFog Light Indicator

Low Fuel IndicatorLow Fuel Indicator

Tire Pressure Warning LightTire Pressure Warning

Traction Control Warning LightTraction Control Warning Light

Securiry Light IndicatorSecurity Light Indicator

Break Warning LightBreak Warning Light

Handbrake Warning LightHandbrake Warning Light

Power Steering EPAS Warning LightBreak Warning Light

Washer Fluid Indicator LightWasher Fluid Indicator Light