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What you wanted to know about car accessories?

Important Car Accessories From Bento

Important Car Accessories for your car that you you can ask for when making a purchase: Winter Tires, Brakes Brands, Oils and Coolants, Car Batteries!

Winter Tires Vs. All-Season Tires

  • Winter tires are engineered to produce a good performance with the cold temperature
  • While All-Season tire becomes hard and stiff in the cold weather, the Winter tire remains soft and pliable
  • Winter tire has many “cuts” on its thread, called “sipes.” These “sipes” provide better ability to grip and grab the snow and ice
  • Winter tire will, therefore provide better grip and traction in the cold weather under 7*C than an all-season tire
  • Stopping distance will be shorter with the Winter tire than with the all-season tire, other things being equal
  • Softer winter tire wears out much faster in the warm weather than the all-season tire
  • Winter tire should not be used outside of the winter months
  • Winter tire provides a better safety margin and greater peace of mind
  • If you have to drive during the winter weather conditions, a Winter tire is a must for your car
  • Consult Bento's Car Service Manager about the Winter tire selection to suit your driving needs best


Full Line of NAPA Brakes and Rotors

  • OE performance without dealership prices
  • Engineered to be safe and meet or exceed your vehicle's OE performance
  • More independently tested friction formulas than any other aftermarket brand
  • Specialty materials for fleet, police and other demanding applications
  • Attributes match OE for premium noise reduction
  • Hardware included for complete brake repair (where applicable)
  • Guaranteed quiet and certified safe


Oil, Coolants and Other Liquid Changes

There is no foolproof formula how often you should do your oil change. It all depends on your car type, brand name, age and circumstances of your driving,

Your owner's manual should be your first instances for a recommendation.

The next in line should be your car mechanic or service centre that regularly services your car.

They keep a file about all your services and history. They know well condition of your engine.

Lubrication services used to advertise "Oil Change and Lube." When you bring your car, ask if there are specific lubrication points on your vehicle that might need attention. With newer cars, there are fewer points, but the door hinges are still there. They can become rusty a squicking.

Do not forget about other fluids that your car runs on:

Transmission Fluid in your vehicle also needs regular attention to prevent costly breakdowns.

Break Fluid check-up and top up. During the summer months, you do not want to stop on the side of the road because of engine overheating and coolant boiling. Engine overheating can be dangerous and cause other expensive engine problems.


Interstate Car Battery from Bento's

Interstate Batteries are preferred brand by most dealers and automotive shops across North America including Canada.

Company has enjoyed reputation for innovative and top quality products since 1952.

The company provides nationwide warranties and recycle more old batteries than it sells.

At Bentos's Car Service we are proud to offer Interstate Car Batteries to our valued clients. Read more...